Crop Scouting

We know that when your team is scouting fields, time is money, and the Farm Manager needs your recommendation to do his job. Because of this, we designed FieldX to help you send off your recommendations in minutes!

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How FieldX Can Help Your Business:

Data Collection

  • Customize scouting forms for particular crops and times of year.
  • Save your frequently used recommendations as journal entry templates.
  • Use georeferenced borders to view your field locations.
  • Collect data while offline or online from a Windows PC, iPad, or PocketPC.
  • Synchronize data across your scouting team.


  • Customize your PDF reports, including a company logo!
  • Email reports directly from FieldX Office.

Field Planning

  • Plan crops and treatments for the upcoming crop season.
  • Save Field Plans at templates to use in the future.

Field Border Mapping

  • Draw field borders on background maps.
  • Use GPS location to auto-add points.

Field Level Weather

  • Access current conditions and recent history for your fields, including the accumulated Growing Degree Days since planting.