Soil Sampling

With FieldX, you can quickly and easily generate points for soil sampling allowing you to have more time in the field! All of your points are saved as a journal entry and can be synced across your company for everybody who needs them.

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** Training webinars are now available that cover how to use FieldX for soil sampling, and the FieldRx Prescription Generator that can be used alongside FieldX. CLICK HERE to learn more.

How FieldX Can Help Your Business:

Soil Sampling

    • Quickly set up soil sampling grids.
    • Add points to sampling zones imported into FieldX.
    • Export sampling points to use for prescription generation.
    • Collect georeferenced samples using an iPad®, iPhone®, Windows® tablet, or a PocketPC®.
    • Navigate to points within a field using the FieldX Sampling app.
    • Send field location to Apple Maps® for turn-by-turn directions.

Field Border Mapping

  • Draw field borders on background maps.
  • Use GPS location to auto-add points.

Field Level Weather

    • Access current conditions and recent history for your fields!

Generate Variable Rate Prescriptions with FieldRx®

    • FieldRx is an innovative web-based software designed to create site-specific field prescriptions from grid sample results.
    • Using grid sample points plus sample lab results, you can you can generate a variable rate controller file in minutes!
    • You can setup your FieldRx account: HERE.
      • Note that the FieldRx prescription generation tool is purchased separately from FieldX.

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Recorded Webinars and Training Resources for Soil Sampling with FieldX