FieldX Office 1.5.11

FieldX Office Update is Available

The latest version of FieldX Office is now available for you to install. This release contains various bug fixes and enhancements. Read the detailed release notes below for more details.

You can download this latest version at

Release Notes for Office v1.5.11

New Features and Upgrades:

  • Added ability to specify the starting date to download journal entries from the server when starting with a blank local database on the PC. This is especially useful when setting up a new user.
  • Changed the default fontname in the Scout/Rec report to Arial, instead of Tahoma. The Tahoma font has been causing problems for some users by cutting off words in reports.
  • Added new field border highlighting options (change color of highlighted fields, added ‘vertical’ as a pattern, added ‘dot’ as border pattern).
  • Updated the Scout History Report to export numbers as numerics and not as text strings when saving a report to an XLS file.
  • Removed access to the Picklist Manager for users with the ‘User’ role. This doesn’t affect Admins or Account Owner roles.
  • Added a menu option on the grower tree to send borders and sample points to Southern Soils Lab.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where tillage memorized comments were not syncing.
  • Fixed the problem that caused an error message ‘Program Error 2147467259 Query Too Complex’.
  • Fixed the issue where Date of 1st Bloom, Date of Emergence, and other milestone dates were not being displayed in some cases in the Field History window.
  • Fixed the issue where the most recently applied template was not visible as the top row on the Apply Template window.
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